Terms and Conditions


 Terms and Conditions

Piccola Italia LLP website

These terms and conditions (Terms) govern your use of the Website. Please read through the Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms do not use the Website. If you do use the Website your conduct indicates that you agree to be bound by the Terms.

1. Copyright Notice

1.1 Except as otherwise noted, all materials that appear within the Website (Content) are the copyright Piccola Italia. The design, text, graphics and arrangement of the Content on the Website is also the copyright of Piccola Italia.

1.2 You may retrieve and display the materials on the Website  (Content) via a computer  and print individual pages on paper and store such pages in electronic form  for your personal non-commercial use or for your use as a customer/supplier or potential customer/supplier of Piccola Italia.

1.3 You may not modify any of the Content. You may not in any way commercially exploit any of the Content except in relation to a business connection or potential business connection with Piccola Italia. You may not remove the copyright or trademark notice from any of the Content and the source must always be acknowledged. 

1.4 Requests for any broader rights in relation to the Content should be addressed to enquiries@piccola-italia.co.uk

2. General Disclaimer

2.1 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the high quality and accuracy of the Website, Piccola Italia is providing the Website for general information purposes only. You use the Website at your own risk. Piccola Italia does not give any conditions, representations or warranties in respect of Content, software or services available through the Website. All conditions and representations (express or implied, statutory or otherwise) are excluded to the extent permitted by law including without limitation any implied  conditions as to quality, fitness for purpose and reasonable skill and care.

2.2 You are responsible in accordance with good computing practice for ensuring that your computer systems are protected from viruses and other harmful code that may be transmitted via the Website.

3. Third Parties and External websites

3.1 The third parties mentioned on the Website are exclusively responsible for their own products and services. Piccola Italia accepts no liability in relation to third party products or services or any failure to supply such products or services.

3.2 You may access third party websites through links contained on the Websites. Such third party websites are not under the control of Piccola Italia and Piccola Italia is not responsible for the availability of such Websites or their content. Any links provided on the Website are provided for your interest or convenience only and do not represent or imply any endorsement of such linked websites by Piccola Italia. You acknowledge that your use of such third party websites is governed by the terms and conditions of use as applicable to such websites.

3.3 You may place a link from your website to the Website provided you follow the following guidelines:

You must not

3.3.1  replicate the Content; 

3.3.2  create a frame or border environment around the Content; 

3.3.3  in any way imply that Piccola Italia is endorsing your website or its products or services; 

3.3.4  present false information about Piccola Italia; 

3.3.5  use any of Piccola Italia's trademarks without prior written consent of Piccola Italia;

You must 

3.3.6 ensure your website does not include content which would be construed as distasteful, controversial or offensive or otherwise reflect adversely on Piccola Italia; 

3.3.7 ensure your website does not infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any third parties; 

3.4 Piccola Italia expressly reserves the right to insist that any link in breach of these Terms be removed and to take whatever other action it deems appropriate.

4. Advertising and sponsorship

Part of the Website may contain advertising and sponsorship. Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that materials submitted for inclusion on the Website comply with international and national law. Piccola Italia is not liable for any error or inaccuracy in advertising material.

5. Data protection and privacy

5.1 Any details which you provide to us from which we can identify you are held and processed in accordance with our privacy policy

5.2 The privacy policy does not apply to third party websites.

6. Jurisdiction

These Terms will be governed and construed in accordance with English Law.