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With hundreds of products to choose from, we're more than just a delicatessen. Offering a large range of 'everyday' Italian products as well as all your favourite pasta shapes, authentic cured meats and famous cheeses, we are sure to have something for you! (Please note, our website is currently under development, therefore not all of our products may be visible at this time. If cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.)

Established in 1973, in a bygone era of chatting to your neighbour over the garden fence, where communities were brought together by the hardship of a slow growing economy and limited staple foods that required shopping at local, independent establishments such as the butcher, baker, greengrocer and delicatessen. As technology has made the world much smaller and changed the way we live and communicate, many communities have become fragmented.

However here at Piccola Italia we believe in those values and traditions and over 30 years on we are still serving the community with the same original and authentic Italian produce. Whilst we are more inclined to send our neighbour an email or a text message, somethings haven’t changed. Our love for food has become increasingly important and we are ever more conscious about what we eat and where the ingredients have come from. Many Italian dishes that we know and love today are created using the same simple recipes and ingredients.Fortunately the 21st century has made it easier for us to adapt and share these secrets. Many cookery programmes not only show us how to prepare and recreate these dishes but also explore and educate us on the origins of Italian cooking and how century old methods of curing Parma Ham or maturing Parmigiano Reggiano are still used today.

The key to cooking an authentic Italian dish can only be achieved by using the right ingredients. Most of what we buy today is owned and produced by the same big corporations however by sourcing our products from regional Italian producers and manufacturers we are helping protect these traditions and the quality of the ingredients. Including the more common balsamic vinegar of Modena and Sicilian Pecorino Sale Bianco many of our products and brands are still sourced from localised regions such as Basso Olive Oil established in Avellino in 1904, La Torrente passata from Naples, Strozzapreti pasta by Cara Nonna produced in San Severo di Puglia, Cannoli Siciliani and Calabriamia Pates’ and spreads’ from Calabria to name only a few.

With no gimmicks, confusing offers or conflicting prices, we’re a multi award winning delicatessen focused on serving the community with only the finest quality ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Grown, picked and produced with the same love and care three decades on. We hope you've found our website informative, unfortunately we are unable to offer online purchase and delivery at this time. If you would like any more information, contact us here.